SOMERVILLE (CBS) — A pick-up truck and home in Somerville were vandalized with anti-Trump messages over the weekend.

Martin Tompkins found his property covered in red paint on Saturday morning.

The explicit messages seem to be in response to his “Make American Great Again” sign in his house window and his sticker supporting President Donald Trump on his truck.

“I think it is definitely not the way to fight Donald Trump as by being hateful in response,” said Mary Freeman-Lynd, who lives nearby. “My neighbor has always been really nice to me.”

trumpisnext Home, Truck Vandalized With Anti Trump Messages

A Somerville house is vandalized with anti-Trump messages (WBZ-TV | Lisa Gresci)

“Trump is next,” read one of the messages.

As an immigration lawyer, Freeman-Lynd said she disagrees with a lot of Trump’s views and said he has “hurt a lot of people.”

Policial views aside, she said this act of aggression is never a way to solve problems.

“I understand the impulse, I think, to respond to that hate and fear with hate and fear. I just choose a different route.”

vandal Home, Truck Vandalized With Anti Trump Messages

A man’s Donald Trump sticker was among the property hit with spray paint. (WBZ-TV)

She added that she discussed the matter personally with her neighbor who was targeted.

“I just saw him when I came home this morning and said I was really sorry and that I couldn’t believe that had happened to him,” Freeman-Lynd said.

“He said it could have been a lot worse.”

  1. Cliff Rivers says:

    A simple but dangerous attack on free speech. The person(s) responsible would scream “bloody murder” if this were to happen to them. Obama stated once “I won. Now sit down and shut-up”. One did not see this after that happened.

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