BOSTON (CBS) — If something happens with LeBron James, you better believe Kyrie Irving is going to be asked about it.

But that doesn’t mean the Celtics guard and LeBron’s former teammate will have anything to say.

James was ejected for the first time in his career on Tuesday night, getting the boot for arguing with referee Kane Fitzgerald after a no-call in a blowout win over the Miami Heat. Irving was kind of asked about the ejection on Wednesday after the Celtics’ practice, though the reporter never really asked a question, leading to a somewhat funny exchange.

“LeBron was ejected last night. You know him better than we do — that was the first time ever. Have you seen the play, or you may not have anything to say about it at all, but it seems like you do know him better than we do,” the C’s star was asked (sort of).

“Yeah,” Irving replied after a few seconds, appearing to nod off after the reporter brought up James’ name.

Other reporters interjected, asking Irving if he had any observation on the ejection. Even then, Irving didn’t seem very interested in offering up his thoughts.

“Oh, you asked me about that? Man, some tough calls. Some tough calls this year,” he nodded.

James and Irving haven’t spoken much about each other since Irving demanded a trade off of the Cavaliers over the offseason. It’s nice to see Kyrie is still taking the “If you don’t have anything nice to say…” approach.



  1. They’re not even on the same team anymore – it’s obvious he’s sick of talking about Lebron all the time. Just stop.

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