BOSTON (CBS) – Could the chilly climate in New England cause New Englanders to have a chilly disposition? A new study says “yes”.

The climate you grow up in can have an effect on your personality.

Those who are raised in more comfortable temperatures are more likely to be outgoing and more agreeable where those who grow up in extreme temperatures, either too cold or too hot, may be less so.

Personalities can vary with regions of the country. For example, people in the Midwest are well-known for being friendly. Folks in California are thought to be relaxed and creative. And we New Englanders, well, some people say we’re a little on the cold side.

Ideal temperatures make people more likely to explore the environment and socialize with others, while extreme temperatures makes us less likely to venture outdoors, meet up with friends, and try new activities, and that, researchers say, can shape your personality.


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