‘We Felt Like Rock Stars’: Josephine Skriver And Martha Hunt On Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

The 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion show is headed to the Far East. For the first time ever, the show will be filmed in Shanghai, China. This year’s production features appearances from musicians Harry Styles and Leslie Odom Jr. and returning Victoria’s Secret Angels such as Adriana Lima, Josephine Skriver and Martha Hunt. This year’s performance will be broadcast in more than 190 countries.

Skriver and Hunt talked with CBS Local about what fans can expect this year, their paths to becoming Victoria’s Secret Angels and the greatest challenges associated with being in the world’s most celebrated fashion show.

What can people anticipate when they watch The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai, China? 

Josephine Skriver: The biggest runway lingerie show of the century. There’s going to be rock stars, rock and roll and fun!

Martha Hunt: This is the first time we brought it this far east. We brought it all the way to Shanghai, China, which is very exciting. The fans were so warm and welcoming, we felt like rock stars. We had rock stars in the show like Harry Styles, Leslie Odom Jr., Miguel and Jane Zhang, the Chinese pop star artist.

How did this show compare to shows from the past that you both have been involved with?

JS: This show was the biggest show I’ve ever been a part of. We had more audience members than ever before, we even had a mosh pit of fans at the end. We felt like rock stars and there have never been this many girls in the show. There were two entrances, so you are going to see girls from each side. There’s going to be more action than ever.

MH: This is the first time that two girls have come out at once, so it’s twice the fun. It was our first time doing this in an arena stadium. We’re not used to that, we’re used to doing it in smaller venues. This stadium was epic, we were freaking out a little bit.

This was the first time the show was filmed in Shanghai. What was the most surprising thing you two learned about Chinese culture?

JS: I had no idea we had fans that far. Coming from Denmark and coming from such a small country, it still amazes me that I have fans all over the globe and that Victoria’s Secret does too. They were waiting outside of the hotel, sleeping outside the hotel and waiting where the buses went. It was so amazing.

MH: The fans were also very thoughtful. They would bring out our magazine covers and make posters for us. One of them even knew that red pandas are my favorite animal. They were waving around red pandas. They knew so much about us. There’s a big Victoria’s Secret fan base in China.

How did you become a Victoria’s Secret Angel? Josephine, let’s start with you.

JS: When I was 15, I got discovered in New York City by a scout and said no. I kept getting stopped and then I took it into my own hands to sign with a modeling agency. Slowly but surely, I worked a little bit every year with Victoria’s Secret and five years later I became a Victoria’s Secret Angel.

Same question for you Martha.

MH: I graduated from high school in North Carolina and moved to New York City to pursue my dream. But, I definitely wasn’t an overnight sensation. It took years and I had to be pretty resilient to stick through it. Eventually, Victoria’s Secret called me and it was a great call. I was happy. Luckily, they kept calling. This is my fifth show now and it feels like the first time every time. Every show is different with the performers, the energy, the venue and the location. Every year it gets more exciting. It is a legendary production to be part of.

What is the biggest challenge about the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show?

JS: I think its calming my nerves. I don’t sleep the week before the show because I’m so impatient and I just want it to happen. I just need to be more patient about it. I always want the next show to happen now.

MH: I don’t know if there’s one thing that’s most challenging. I would say the preparation isn’t easy. We’re kind of used to that because we have to be lingerie ready year-round. It’s a mix of that and the obstacles on the runway. You never know what you are going to get, whether it’s a performer in your way or wings in your way. If glitter falls, everyone is afraid of falling.

What does it mean to be associated with Victoria’s Secret and be in this show?

JS: This puts you on the map like nothing else. Being part of the Angel legacy or the show changes your career. It puts you under the biggest spotlight possible.

MH: It’s a dream come true. I remember being in middle school and watching these girls on the runway, thinking that I’ve never seen something so glamorous in my entire life. To be a part of it, is an actual dream come true and I hope we can continue that legacy for the next generation of Victoria’s Secret Angels to come.

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show will be broadcast Tuesday, November 28 from 10pm-11pm EST/PST on CBS.

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