QUINCY (CBS) — The daughter of a 92-year-old woman who was knocked down and had her purse stolen says she felt “absolute relief” after hearing that a pair of people were arrested in connection with the assault.

Kayla Noel-Brown, 26, of Quincy and Markell Cruz, 27, of Somerville are accused of violently attacking Doris Prendiville as she was walking to get a newspaper on Nov. 19. The attack sent Prendiville to the hospital and left her with a broken bone and cuts and bruises all over.

markell cruz kayla noel brown Daughter Of 92 Year Old Woman Who Was Robbed Calls Mother A Tough Cookie

Markell Cruz, left, and Kayla Noel-Brown (Photo credit: Quincy Police Department)

Christine Prendiville said her mother Doris was “feisty and basically a tough cookie.”

“I just talked to Mom before you came and she’s very happy” about the arrest, Prendiville told WBZ-TV’s Tiffany Chan.

Doris had some choice words for her attackers, said Prendiville.

“She’s angry, I can tell you that. She was really mad at the guy that did it to begin with, and I won’t quote what she said.”

doris Daughter Of 92 Year Old Woman Who Was Robbed Calls Mother A Tough Cookie

Doris Prendiville was attacked outside her Quincy apartment building (WBZ-TV)

A next-door neighbor told WBZ-TV that she hopes the suspects get what they deserve in court.

“They should put them in jail and let them get what they gave to her,” she said.

“Nobody deserves that, especially not an elderly person.”

Prendiville said a complete stranger mailed Doris a 55 dollar check to make up for the stolen cash.


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