BOSTON (CBS) — The rush to get back home for Monday morning after the long Thanksgiving weekend was on.

AAA, TSA, and Amtrak are in agreement that Sunday may be the busiest travel day of the year.

Boston’s Logan Airport had a manageable bustle on Sunday night.

“It’s been very smooth, very smooth trip back from Minnesota,” said a Cambridge father returning to Logan, kids in tow. “We had a great time with family. It’s great to be here, and pretty light traffic actually.”

For drivers, timing has been everything: those who headed out early Sunday were rewarded with light traffic.

“It’s really not as bad as we expected on 95. We’ve hit more traffic before,” said one woman.

A man said, “This morning it was snowing when we left and we weren’t sure because it was supposed to be the worst day of travel.”

A driver from Maine to Connecticut also pleasantly surprised. “We figured it would be a bad slow trip.”

“Traffic’s real steady, nice, easy going,” said a woman. “We thought it would be bumper to bumper.”


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