NORFOLK (CBS) – The Cordo family got a surprise delivery on Thanksgiving night.

“It’s certainly a moment that we’ll never forget,” said Kelly Cordo, who was nine months pregnant at the time.

cordo family Baby Is Special Thanksgiving Delivery For Couple

Kelly Cordo and her husband, Steve, talk about their son, Sean, who was born at their Norfolk home on Thanksgiving. (WBZ-TV)

Kelly and her husband Steve had finished Thanksgiving dinner when Kelly says started feeling contractions kick in.

“All of a sudden I was just paralyzed with pain,” she said. “My water broke and we realized we were not going to have enough time to get to Mass General.”

That’s when her husband Steve picked up the phone and dialed 911. “I hung up the phone, ran over and tried to figure out what to do next,” he said.

Kelly went into labor on her bathroom floor with Steve by her side. “He kind of stayed calm, controlled and told me what to do and I had no choice, but to do it!” she said.

norfolkbaby2 Baby Is Special Thanksgiving Delivery For Couple

Sean Cordo was born at home in Norfolk on Thanksgiving, weighing in at eight pounds, four ounces. (WBZ-TV)

It took only a few pushes before Kelly gave birth to an adorable, healthy baby boy.

“As soon as we heard him cry, we knew it was over. I felt such relief and happiness,” she said

Moments later, firefighters arrived, and rushed the family to Norwood Hospital.

Steve said, “the next thing I know there are five firefighters and paramedics in our small bathroom.”

The couple says they have a new reason to be grateful this Thanksgiving: Baby Sean—weighing in at eight pounds, four ounces.

“It’s interesting to see how his personality plays out to see if he kind of barrels through life like he barreled through Thursday night,” Kelly Cordo said.

She and her newborn are recovering at Norwood Hospital, and will soon bring their baby home.


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