BOSTON (CBS) — Tom Brady better get baking.

The Patriots quarterback showed the world his culinary skills on Thanksgiving Day, sharing a photo of him in the kitchen making a batch of biscuits for that day’s feast. In the post, Brady explained that those biscuits, which his grandmother made every Thanksgiving, were his fondest memory of the holiday. He admitted that his were rarely as good as the batches his grandma used to make, but with a lot of butter and syrup it all evened out.

“Sometimes I screw them up but last night they were pretty good,” Brady told reporters on Friday.

Brady even bragged about his biscuits with his teammates upon their return to practice on Friday morning. Everyone loves a good biscuit, so most were eager to give the famous Brady biscuits a try.

The only problem is there were none leftover following Thursday’s festivities, much to the disappointment of Rob Gronkowski. So Brady better whip up another batch this weekend, or he’ll have a lot more to worry about than Miami’s pass rush.

“He was bragging about them today and I told him to bring them in. He was like, ‘They were so good they were all eaten.’ So I told him to make some more,” Pats tight end Rob Gronkowski told reporters on Friday.

“If he doesn’t bring them in, there are going to be some problems,” Gronk said with a chuckle before leaving the podium.

Brady has been urging his teammates that this time of the year is when the great teams play their best football, and their focus should be on Sunday’s game against the Dolphins. But it’s probably in his best interest to keep his tight end happy.

So don’t be surprised if we see another Instagram post of Brady wearing an apron on Friday night.



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