REVERE (CBS) – David Hernandez found the perfect gift for his mother for the holidays.

And he didn’t camp outside a store for Black Friday or spend hours shopping online.

He simply offered her his kidney.

kidney donation Man Donates Kidney To Mother In Emotional Holiday Surprise

David Hernandez and his mother after he offered to donate his kidney to her. (Image credit: David Hernandez – Facebook)

For the last six years, his mom has suffered from kidney failure. She started dialysis two months ago and it’s been an exhausting experience for her.

“She goes 2-3 times a week in the morning for four hours each day. She then comes home drained, tired, and helpless and sleeps until 4-5 in the afternoon,” he wrote in a Facebook post.

“She was full of life. Worked her full-time job to provide for her 5 children and husband. Now she has 3 beautiful grandchildren that she cries for because in her mind she won’t make it to see them grow up.”

David got himself tested and discovered he was a perfect transplant match for his mother. He said he was motiviated to get tested because he hated to see her suffer.

“Watching her suffer is like I’m suffering,” he said to WBZ-TV.

So he decided to turn Thanksgiving Day into Christmas Day this year by surprising her with a simple note.

David posted her reaction on Facebook.

He says he just wants her to know how thankful he is “to have such a strong beautiful, loving, and caring mother.”

Elva Casiano told WBZ-TV, “I just thought I was going to be on dialisis for years and years. I didn’t think –not even once– that my son was going to give me a kidney.”

Casiano was told there was a letter she had to sign right away.

“So when I opened it, it was my son’s kidney with his name on it, saying that he was going to donate his kidney. I got surprised.”

She added, “God gave me five boys for a reason. I gave them life and I think one of them is going to give me life.”

  1. It’s amaizing to know that there are still kind beautiful individuals out there willing to put others first . That shivery isn’t dead . Holidays are meant to bring people closer . And he did just that . He offered a gift of life and gave back to his own mother all that she has sarcrifiec and worked hard for, we need more people like this in our lives . Big or small we all make a difference in each other’s lives . David Hernandez is definitly someone to look up to .

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