By Kate Merrill

BOSTON (CBS) – Black Friday, Cyber Monday or any sale at all, when it comes to tackling the holiday shopping list, saving money is often priority one. “I want to be able to get as many gifts as possible, so the less I have to spend on gifts for my family, the more I can buy for them,” one shopper told us.

That might be easier than you think according to Jeff Weiss, president of Lesley University and an expert on negotiation. “You can ask for and negotiate anything; it’s all about how you do it,” he explained.

That can even apply to asking for discounts while shopping, particularly if you are buying electronics. Weiss’ advice, be respectful and do your homework. “What does it cost elsewhere? What are the warranties elsewhere? What is the convenience elsewhere?” he said listing off the things you should know ahead of time.

shopping Tips For Black Friday, Cyber Monday Shoppers


A Consumer Reports survey of thousands of electronic purchasers revealed that 59% of shoppers who asked for a deal, got one with an average savings of $84. Negotiating also works with online purchases as well. This is where engaging that person behind the chat box is helpful.

If negotiating is not your thing, you really can save money on Black Friday according to founder Edgar Dworsky.

He also suggests doing homework, as Black Friday is not the day to browse.  To help you search through thousands of sale items he suggests checking out  It has a searchable database of thousands of Black Friday sale items.

friday Tips For Black Friday, Cyber Monday Shoppers


The only thing worse than shopping is returning, particularly if you are buying online. But Betty Lee of Woburn found a way around the hassle of packing up items and waiting in line at the post office.

She recently returned a pair of shoes she purchased at Everlane at the Happy Returns kiosk at the Burlington Mall. “It was done within 15 seconds,” she said.

Happy Returns founder David Sobie says the idea is to make it as easy as possible. “We often joke that with online shopping when there is a return there is no one American that is happy to see you except for us.”

Happy Returns will take back items from several online retailers and the money is instantly credited to your card.

The company is working on adding more retailers and increasing the number of return locations.

In addition to the Burlington Mall, there are also Happy Returns Kiosks at the North Shore and South Shore Malls.


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