NORTH ATTLEBORO (CBS) – There are heightened fears over coyotes in North Attleboro after a woman was attacked in her mobile home park.

The victim says the coyote started walking toward her slowly and then quickly latched onto her leg. The animal was eventually put down, but not before a battle with police.

“And she just went boom, just latched me,” said Judy Place who is still shaken up and recovering from the attack. She heard the coyote trying to get under her house and called police. Right after the police came, the coyote came right at Judy.

bite Woman Attacked By Coyote In North Attleboro

Judy Place was attacked by a coyote in North Attleboro (WBZ-TV)

“Just got her jaws and went just like that,” Judy said holding her left wrist. “Just like that and I said ‘she’s got me!’”

“I start to come to reality and I looked down and I said ‘oh boy’ there was blood everywhere,” Judy said.

The female coyote had opened up some nasty wounds on Judy’s leg. Once that happened police took action.

judy Woman Attacked By Coyote In North Attleboro

Judy Place was attacked by a coyote in North Attleboro (WBZ-TV)

“So then they tased her. Both of them tased, nothing. She didn’t move, she didn’t even jolt,” Judy said. “Didn’t even budge, didn’t jolt or nothing it was still on my leg.”

Police fired a warning shot and the creature took off, then it was back again. That’s when officers say it came at them forcing them to shoot and kill it.

Coyotes have been very active lately throughout the area. Just last weekend a coyote was spotted in Newton carrying a cat.

Officials are waiting for test results to see if the coyote had rabies. If that’s the case, Judy will have to go through some painful shots but she’s thankful it wasn’t even worse.


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