AMESBURY (CBS) — The pit bull that prompted a shelter in place order in Amesbury was found Monday morning.

Police initially warned residents about a loose pit bull that is described as “violent and extremely aggressive” on Sunday morning.

Amesbury pit bull found after a day on the loose following an attack, police said. (Courtesy Photo)

Kuma broke free from his owner early Sunday morning and went after two police officers responding to a medical in the Whitehall Road area.

“I did not have a firm grip on the dog like I should have. At 5:45 a.m. I was not expecting people out here, ” said owner Brian McMenimen.

Police Sgt. Michael Pervis said, “It charged at her. It charged at her shoulder, it went for her leg and she said it went for her face as well. It did get a hold of the back of her coat however it didn’t break skin.”

The second officer used a taser on the dog and that’s when he ran off.

“We knew it was aggressive, we knew it had already attacked one of our supervisors and we had concern for the public,” said Pervis.

After several hours without a sighting though, the shelter in place order was lifted before 5 p.m. Sunday.

Animal Control put out humane traps with treats in hopes of capturing the dog safely.

Brian McMenimen (WBZ-TV)

Kuma wandered home on its own Monday. An animal control officer met with Kuma and McMenimen on Monday afternoon.

Kuma, who is up to date on all of his shots, will be quarantined in the home for ten days which is protocol.

“His second owner neglected him, crated him 20 hours a day,” explained McMenimen, who adopted Kuma eight months ago.

During that time, he said Kuma has made great strides. “He’s got a great dog trainer, he goes to doggy day-care five to six days a week.”

“I understand there’s a lot of fear of pit bulls out there. I totally can understand that but every dog is different, every situation is different.”


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