BOSTON (CBS) – Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker said State Police need to have more explicit protocols in place for what can be edited out of an arrest report after a recent controversy involving a judge’s daughter led to the retirement of two of the top police leaders in the state.

Col. Richard McKeon and Deputy Superintendent Francis Hughes retired after two troopers sued State Police after being ordered to edit details from the police report of Alli Bibaud, whose father Timothy Bibaud is a judge in Dudley District Court.

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Troopers Alli Rei, left, and Ryan Sceviour, when he was a Brewster police officer. (Photo credits: Alli Rei and Brewster Police)

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker told WBZ-TV’s Jon Keller any reprimand reports of the troopers should be removed from their record, and “will be.”


Baker said there will be further investigations into the incident, but added that McKeon admitted from the beginning that he ordered the changes be made.

“His stated position, and he’s never said anything other than this, he’s owned it from the beginning, is that he wanted to clean it up because he felt some of the information in it was not germane to the charges that were being levied against the defendant,” Baker said.

But Baker added that after further review, the details should have been left in the report.

“Our own review of this was, was his order right or wrong? And we basically concluded that it was a mistake,” said Baker.

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Part 2 of Gov. Charlie Baker’s Interview With Jon Keller

Baker said that despite the mistake in judgement, he does not believe this was a case of police doing a favor for a judge to prevent embarrassment, arguing that the charges never changed.

“In terms of anybody getting anything out of this, it’s pretty hard to make that case,” said Baker.

In general, Baker said it is critical for police to avoid giving special treatment to anyone.

“You should never do a favor for a local big shot. Ever. No exceptions,” said Baker.


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