BOSTON (CBS) — The Pats remain on the road for the second straight week, but this one figures to be a different.

The Patriots are crossing the border for Sunday’s game against the Oakland Raiders, squaring off in Estadio Azteca in Mexico City. It will be a home game of sorts for the Raiders, though the Patriots are expected to have many fans in attendance as well.

As for what will take place on the field? Here’s what the WBZ-TV experts foresee.

Steve Burton, WBZ-TV Sports

From Denver to Mexico City, this was a week for team bonding. And you can see how this Patriots team is starting to come together.

On the field, the offense has its swagger back and the defense is playing with attitude. Oh, did we mention special teams? Lately, all they’ve done is make plays.

Oakland can score but their defense is suspect — not to mention vulnerable.

Patriots 34, Raiders 21

Dan Roche, WBZ-TV Sports

This was a pretty special week for the Patriots. For many, an eye-opening one that they’ll appreciate for years to come. Finding out about life as a Cadet as well as practicing at the Air Force Academy seemed to re-energize them. It also had to help in dealing with the high altitude of Mexico City come Sunday.

Oakland hasn’t righted itself yet, despite high expectations and good deal of talent. The Patriots should keep rolling on Sunday.

Patriots 31, Raiders 17

Levan Reid, WBZ-TV Sports

Not only do I think the Pats will win big this game, I’m actually wondering what the Raiders are doing. New England is in Colorado Springs getting used to the altitude ahead of Mexico City. I would hope the Raiders would have prepared the same way but that is not the case. Their staff had to be in Vegas for the groundbreaking.

As for this game, the Pats seem to be on a mission. They are playing well and offensively have mismatches all over the field. Oakland’s defense is stout but trying to cover the Patriot tight ends and running backs will be an adventure for the Raiders.

Oakland was the sexy pick at the beginning of the season but now they look like they are trying to figure out how to win. They are 4-5 and can’t afford to lose another game … but they are going to do that on Sunday afternoon.

The Pats continue to win on the road and Tom Brady continues to take apart a Jack Del Rio-coached team. Also, Phillip Dorsett will get a touchdown which means Tom Brady will have thrown touchdown receptions to 69 different players. That’s one shy of a record.

Patriots 35, Raiders 17


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