BOSTON (CBS) — Rob Gronkowski has a special message for Mexico City, and it’s … a little confusing.

Gronk wrapped up his meeting with reporters after the Patriots’ practice in Colorado Springs with a message for the people of Mexico City, which boasts the largest Spanish-speaking population in the world. He took the opportunity to bring back one of his most famous quotes: “Yo soy fiesta.”

Though the broken phrase literally translates to “I am party,” NFL fans in Mexico probably get what Gronk’s trying to say. He originally said it during a postgame interview with ESPN Deportes, starting off with the grammatically correct “Hola, me llamo Roberto” (“Hello, my name is Rob.”) before going off the rails at the end.

Even James White, who doesn’t know much Spanish at all, could tell that Gronk was a little off with the phrase.

“I don’t think that’s even a correct sentence,” he deadpanned to reporters on Wednesday before letting out a hearty chuckle.

Despite Gronk’s clowning around at the end of his presser, he acknowledged that he and the Patriots have had to prepare for the Raiders in what has been an unfamiliar setting for the team at the Air Force Academy. But the tight end appreciated the visit that the team got from the academy’s football head coach Troy Calhoun. His speech about life as a cadet really resonated with Gronk and his teammates as they continue to grind through the season, putting their work and lives in perspective.

“It was a super strong message,” Gronkowski said. “Knowing what they go through, it just shows how strong they are and shows what type of person it takes to be able to make it here in the Air Force Academy, which takes a lot – a lot of dedication for sure.

“It makes you appreciate what you have, for sure.”

The hope is that “Roberto” works hard enough to get the win over the Raiders on Sunday at the Estadio Azteca, so he can have himself a “fiesta” afterward.


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