WOBURN (CBS) — The staff of the Animal Rescue League are no strangers to strange calls–so they knew just what to do when a raccoon got his head stuck in a plastic jar Thursday.

The ARL got a call from Woburn’s animal control officer saying the critter had panicked and climbed a tree.

The raccoon was up a tree with a jar stuck on his head. (Animal Rescue League of Boston)

“He appeared to be healthy and uninjured, but the jar posed a number of dangers—induced panic from the enclosed space, inability to eat or see, and the possibility of falling out of the tree,” the ARL wrote in a release.

They decided they had to go up 25 feet into the tree to get him, rather than wait for him to come down.

ARL Senior Rescue Agent Mike Brammer removed the jar. (Animal Rescue League of Boston)

ARL Senior Rescue Agent Mike Brammer “essentially had to play ring toss” with the jar, using an 11-foot pole to remove it from the animal’s head.

The jar came off–and the raccoon never even had to come down from the tree.


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