BOSTON (CBS) — Another controversial political rally is in the works for the Boston Common bandstand this weekend.

This time, the free speech group is billing themselves “Resist Marxism.”

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Even though they weren’t able to get a permit, they’re flying some of the same speakers back.

John Medlar, one of the rally’s organizers, said that includes Kyle Chapman, infamous for a viral video of him beating a counter-protester with a stick in California eight months ago.

“He’s famous for standing up to Antifa when the police stood aside and let Antifa attack free speech protesters in Berkeley,” said Medlar.

Rally organizer John Medlar (WBZ-TV)

City officials are hoping it will be more civil than the one the same organizers held there in August, a week after protests in Charlottesville, Virginia turned violent.

Boston’s Free Speech rally became a small barricaded gathering surrounded by throngs of counter-protesters.

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“You had 40,000 people showing up to try to shut us down thinking that we’re some kind of white supremacist KKK neo-nazis,” said Medlar.

An aerial view of protesters on Boston Common demonstrating against a so-called ‘free speech’ rally on the Parkman Bandstand Saturday, August 19, 2017. (WBZ-TV)

Counter-protesters also plan to rally on the common Saturday.

They had planned art performances and workshops after, but Emerson and MassArt pulled out of hosting the events, concerned about potential problems.

Organizers are now scrambling for new locations.

Boston Police say they’re ready.

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They said, “We will have adequate resources in place to ensure the safety of all those attending the events. We do not anticipate any issues with crowd size or planned events happening this weekend.”