BOSTON (CBS) — Over the past several years as host of the night show on The Sports Hub, Adam Jones has developed a reputation for being a wee bit negative from time to time.

Whether it’s finding a way to diminish the impact of a big win for the local team or getting creative when assessing a roster move, Jones always seems to think a little bit differently from most people. And as a result, he’s been dubbed “The Dark Knight” and “The Sports Vulture.”

“I don’t want to say I’m misunderstood. I get it, I get where it comes from,” Jones said of his “Dark Knight” nickname on The Hurley Edition podcast. “I could do worse. I think I have done worse. So that one to me, I feel like I made out OK.”

That said, while some of his opinions are known for being creatively negative, Jones spoke to the challenge of hosting the evening show after the topics of the day have already been discussed for 12 hours.

“Especially football, we’re on just so far after the fact that we’re trying to come up with something that has maybe been underdiscussed, or I feel is a different way to look at the game, or a play or a player or whatever that hasn’t been discussed. I wouldn’t say I do that great all the time, but that’s usually the goal. We’re trying to come up with something different.”

Jones also discussed his career, starting at Northeastern, moving on to ESPN 890, joining the Sports Hub, leaving for ESPN Boston internet radio, and rejoining the Hub as the night host. He also offered some life tips for anyone who has to live a nocturnal schedule and shared some of the best (and worst) moments of his show’s history.

Check out The Hurley Edition in the audio player above, on the CBS Boston audio page, on Stitcher, or on iTunes.


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