By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – Regular listeners here may have noticed that I am not a huge fan of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, opaque corporate dissembler, concussion epidemic denier and quarterback of the ludicrous persecution of Tom Brady, among many other offenses.

But today I have to tip my helmet to Roger, for the sheer audacity of his reported contract demands.

According to ESPN, the commissioner, currently scraping by on a salary of $30 million a year, wants a big raise, to nearly $50 million. Because even that would be a tad too meager for his highness, Goodell also wants the league to pickup health insurance costs for him and his family for life, and no wonder – have you noticed how much health care costs these days?

Oh, and did I mention the lifetime use of a private jet? Because, come on! You don’t expect an executive of this caliber to stand there at the gate amid the sweaty peasants, waiting for them to call Group Five, do you?

But let’s face it, Roger Goodell is worth every penny.

Look at those fat TV contracts!

What’s that?

Bob Kraft and other owners had more to do with those than Goodell?

Well, what about the overall success of the league, that’s a Goodell triumph, right?


The NFL was a license to print money before Goodell ever got there?

But let’s be fair – Goodell can take credit for the extraordinarily bad run of publicity the league has suffered, from the concussion scandal to the botched disciplinary process to his silky-smooth handling of the recent player protests.

Come to think of it, the smart move would be to give Goodell his private plane – on the condition that he never leave it again.

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  1. Most NFL fans don’t like Roger Goodell. Game interest & viewers keep dropping. Yet, the owners agree to keep Goodell. They don’t care about the fans. Of all the owners, I would have expected Robert Kraft to vote against Goodell. It was a “slap in the face” to Tom Brady & ALL of the Patriots fans.

  2. Goodell, Jon, is also responsible for the extraordinary run for profitability for the league during his tenure.

    He’s been an extremely good marketing director for football. He’s earned his money, and much of what he is asking for is incentive-based, meaning he has to continue to grow football in spite of the fact that some of the players are working hard to torpedo the enterprise with a fair degree of success…Killing the goose that is laying THEIR golden eggs.

    Goodell has earned a chance to continue to earn his rewards.

    As for the problems with handling discipline, Jon, I’ll have to give him somewhat of a pass. He has taken the league from being one that swept things under the rug as a function of ownership-directed policy to one where sordid actions on the part of millionaire players is no longer a ticket to future riches.

    To demonstrate the willingness of owners to defend their own thugs, just look a Jerry Jones and his pathetic attempts to force Goodell and the other owners to give HIS thug, Ezekiel Elliot a pass.

    Remember, there is ample and contemporary photographic evidence to show that Eliott’s ex-girlfriend was injured, and his “she made me do it” excuse is up there with blaming the dog eating the homework or claiming that one’s grandmother has died for the eleventh time.

  3. Hire him fire me and my family as viewers again.

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