BOSTON (CBS) – Roy Moore, the Republican nominee for the open Alabama Senate seat, is facing another accuser. Beverly Nelson came forward today, stating that when she was 16, Moore tried to rape her. This new allegation came after Senator Mitch McConnell called on Moore to step aside, saying that he believed the women who have spoken out against Moore. Do you think Moore should quit the race? Or is it a dangerous precedent to establish, taking accusations as fact?

  1. Lowell James says:

    The latest lady to make an allegatiion against Mr. Moore does so nearly 40 years after the ppurported incident occurred. It also can represents coordinated smear ….the old drip drip drip weeks prior to the voting. These accusers never seem to get together and anounce their allegations at one time. That would smack of collusion, and this is the last thing accusers want the voters to suspect. Further is the confusion of fact with belief. Mitch McConnell says he believes the woman. OK, he didn’t witness this alleged incident and cannot be the finder of fact. A jury is but not others. You raise the question of allegations being substituted as fact. Would it not be more precise to strike fact and insert belief as Mitch McConnell has done? We live in a world of incomplete, imperfect and misleading information often complicated with questions of motive. We also live in a country where electing US Senators is the right of only those voters of the respective states. And even more confusing is what Mr. Moore represents to either political party. Mr. Moore could be guilty or not, we will never and can never know like a jury who hears and evaluates the credibility of witnesses and other evidence. But one thing is certain, Mr. Moore has become a pawn in the great scheme of Washington plots and cut-throat manuvering. I care little about the media [political parties] howling as best as they like, but prefer to leave electing US Senators to the state’s voters. This differs not a wink when Senator Kennedy repeatedly ran for re-election in Massachusetts while the nations voters BELIEVED he was a killer and unfit as a member of Congress. This national belief had the benefit of a recent event and assess to contemporanious witnesses and associated evidence within a judicial process as imperfect as possible.

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