WRENTHAM (CBS) – Several student-athletes at a Wrentham high school have been suspended for making racist and sexually explicit comments to a student and their mother.

In a letter to King Philip Regional High School parents, Superintendent of Schools Elizabeth Zielinski said several students “engaged in highly inappropriate conduct toward another student and the student’s parent.”

The superintendent said racial slurs were directed at a two black teammates of an unidentified King Philip team.

Students obtained the phone number for their teammate’s mother and called her repeatedly, Zielinski said. She added that the phone calls “included inappropriate sexual comments.”

Local and Massachusetts State Police were notified about the incidents so they could be investigated as a potential hate crime.

Wrentham Police also commented on the incident saying, “After careful consideration and review, it was determined this incident, though extremely offensive and inappropriate, did not warrant criminal charges, therefore; would be handled internally by King Philip School Administration. Subsequently, all students involved were disciplined by the school.”

Deputy Police Cheif Bill McGrath said, “They pretty much came clean, explaining that they were using phrases out of popular songs that play now that use the N-word.”

Zielinski said the students were disciplined, including school and game suspensions.

“I want to emphasize this type of behavior is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated in our school community,” said Zielinski. “It not only violates the policies of the King Philip Regional School District, it creates an unwelcoming and hostile environment for our students and families.”

Some parents at a girls’ soccer game on Tuesday said it would be unfortunate for the incident to obsure some of the hard work other student athletes have done.

“The football team is going for the Superbowl they are undefeated,” said Donna Sullivan. “I would just hope that that letter doesn’t overshadow what a fabulous job all these kids did.”

  1. Mark Dee says:

    They came clean? The deputy police chief appears to be a slice short of a sandwich

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