HANOVER (CBS) – Officials in Hanover were in the process of installing stop signs at a dangerous intersection in town after resident complaints. But before the process was completed, tragedy struck for a local family.

“I remember getting halfway down there, then I don’t remember,” said 86-year-old Anthony Krupa, recalling an October crash on Woodland Drive.

Anthony and Beatrice Krupa. (Family Photo)

Beatrice Krupa, Anthony’s wife of 56 years, was killed in the crash. Anthony suffered serious injuries, and is recovering at home following surgery.

In the hospital before Beatrice died, nurses brought Anthony in to see her one last time.

“I lost everything that was important to me,” he told WBZ-TV.

Anthony and Beatrice Krupa following a crash that took Beatrice’s life. (Courtesy Photo)

The accident happened when a 26-year-old woman came down a notorious curve on Woodland Drive.

“People will come down from the mall and think this is a straightaway and go right into the cul-de-sac instead of going right,” said resident Josh Donovan. “That’s where people coming this way almost get hit. I almost got hit once with my kids.”

After hearing neighbor complaints, the town installed the stop signs just before the crash. But they were covered up with plastic bags until street markings could be painted on the ground as mandated by law.

The stop sign on Woodland Drive in Hanover was covered at the time of the crash on October 24. (Photo credit: 95.9 FM WATD)

That final step had to be delayed due to rain, and in the meantime, the crash happened.

“It’s been problematic for a long time. The department has, working in collaboration with the neighbors and traffic studies, been hitting that area hard for a year,” said Hanover Police Lt. Greg Nihan.

The driver of this SUV collided with the Krupa’s car October 24 on Woodland Drive in Hanover. (Photo credit: 95.9 FM WATD)

Even now with the stop signs in place, the area remains a concern. Even though drivers have more than 100 yards of straightaway to see the stop signs, WBZ-TV cameras caught several cars go through without stopping.

“They can’t read, evidently,” said Anthony Krupa.

No felony charges have been filed against the woman involved in the crash that killed Beatrice Krupa, but the investigation is ongoing.


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