LANCASTER (CBS) — Bob’s is back! After a devastating fire almost put them out of business last year, Bob’s Turkey Farm in Lancaster is having a great Thanksgiving season.

But in this season of gratitude, no one is more thankful than the farm’s owners and employees.

At Bob’s, turkey assembly line, where fresh turkeys move down a conveyor, are bagged, weighed and boxed, is going strong.

Turkey packaging at Bob’s Turkey Farm (WBZ-TV)

“I’ve been coming here since my kids were little because they would visit the turkeys out back,” says Sandy Cook, a steady customer.

Sue Miner and her brother run the Lancaster farm their father started in 1954.

While they’re busy all year, this is the crazy time at Bobs.

“Thanksgiving is the reason we’re here,” Miner told WBZ-TV.

Turkeys at Bob’s Turkey Farm (WBZ-TV)

The farm says they’ll process and sell about 10,000 birds this year.

“Everybody works 7 days a week, and it’s long days,” said Miner.

But last year, the farm was on the brink after a fire tore through a barn.

“We had lost 7000 birds as well as a whole barn and all of our equipment,” Sue remembers.

There was a chance the local institution just wouldn’t make it.

“Our community, our neighbors, everybody rallied around us and gave us the push to go forward,” she says.

A fire destroyed a barn at Bob’s Turkey Farm in Lancaster (Image from Lancaster PD)

A year later, the barn is rebuilt and so is the flock, and customers are loving it.

“It’s wonderful they bounced right back,” says Mick Litterio, a customer.

“If you come here the week of Thanksgiving there’ll be lines coming out of the place,” adds Bill Flynn who has been coming here for 30 years.

They’ll be working straight up until turkey day.

“It just feels good to have it all come together and be back to normal,” Miner says.

On Thanksgiving, the farm family will sit down together, and guess what they’re having: “Turkey, of course!”

It has been an incredible rebound for the farm, and yes, you can still order a fresh turkey.

  1. Our reaction to your story on Bob’s Turkey Farm in Lancaster are contained here. No matter what condition these birds endured they are still cruelly slaughtered. Enough to make an empathetic person choose a vegan alternative like Tofurky for the holiday.