DURHAM, N.H. (CBS) – Police are looking to identify a “peeping Tom” who was seen trying to look into windows near the University of New Hampshire campus.

Durham Police said the incident happened Sunday night on Cove Drive, an off-campus student housing rental.

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A suspicious man seen near the University of New Hampshire campus. (Image Credit: Durham Police)

Alyssa Ware, who lives in a house with several roommates says this is not the first time, though. She said she has seen him six or seven times since September.

“It was honestly like a chill that went down my spine,” she said recalled the first time she noticed him on her surveillance camera. “Just kind of really creepy to see that somebody was doing that.”

“What does he really want?” Ware asked.

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Investigators are “confident” it is the same man who was reportedly spotted looking into other homes on five different occasions.

“We understand exactly what he is doing and people are unsettled by it. People in their homes should feel confident that they’re fine in their homes and they’re not being spied on,” said Durham Police Chief David Kurz.

Police said they are taking the case very seriously. They want to catch the suspect before his behavior turns into something even more serious.

Ware said, “I just want everyone to know so they are aware and basically, take all the precautions, lock your doors, walk with somebody, it’s a really dangerous situation.”

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Anyone who recognizes the man is asked to call police.