BOSTON (CBS) — Mookie Betts did not advance past the second qualifying round at the World Series of Bowling, but he put on a show out in Reno, Nevada.

In his 37th game of the tournament, the Red Sox outfielder threw strike after strike after strike — 12 of them in all for his first perfect game in PBA play. Not a bad offseason for the Betts, who also won a Gold Glove just last week.

With Sunday’s perfect game, Betts averaged a 205.6 over 40 rounds in this year’s tournament. He even walked away with $100 in prize money.

Betts first competed in the PBA World Series in 2015, averaging a 190 through 36 games while finishing 212th out of 240 bowlers. This time around he finished 158th out of 188 bowlers, so he’s getting better with every World Series appearance.

Maybe one of these years he can mix in one of those bigger World Series before hitting the lanes out in Nevada.


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