REVERE (CBS) — During Veteran’s Day weekend, military heroes in Revere gathered to deliberately turn off NFL games, and will continue as long as the league stops short of forbidding players from protesting racial inequality by taking a knee during the anthem.

“I will not watch the NFL again until every single person respects the flag the way we were taught when we were young,” said Captain Steven Castinetti, a Navy vet.

vets1talking Veterans Boycott NFL After Anthem Protests Over Veterans Day Weekend

Captain Steven Castinetti (WBZ-TV)

Some reports show NFL ratings are down, but it is unknown whether the anthem protests are to blame.

Gold Star mother Beverly Franklin said, “They need to know that it hurts us and it hurts my heart because it’s not like they haven’t been told. Because they have been told, and you’re ignoring it.”

beverlyfranklin Veterans Boycott NFL After Anthem Protests Over Veterans Day Weekend

Beverly Franklin (WBZ-TV)

Not everyone feels this way, though.

Arnold Vetstein, who fought in the Korean War, said he loves the game so he is not going to stop watching.

“I feel like it’s not disrespect for towards flag or the military or people who served,” said one man.

Another added, “They’re just trying to bring an issue to light.”

vetsnfl Veterans Boycott NFL After Anthem Protests Over Veterans Day Weekend

Revere VFW Hall (WBZ-TV)

But at the VFW Hall in Revere, the TV remains off.

“There are people who lost a piece of their soul and a lot of their heart behind this flag.”

Comments (8)
  1. Brian Kerr says:

    It’s not unknown that the Anthem protests are to blame for the continually decreasing viewership.

  2. I think that Kneeball viewership’s decline is a combination of several factors. I turned off last season due to the increase in penalties. The game itself has become watered down and frustrating to watch. But, the costs to go to a game have increased ten fold. The Knee part is just the last straw.

  3. What makes these players think that we care about their political views? Racial inequalities are a bunch of hogwash. It’s all about the money, you are either rich or poor. If you are rich, you get treated with kids gloves but if you are poor, you are going to get roughed up and thrown in jail. These footballers are paid mega-bucks to “play” a “game”. Get a real job and see how many times you hear someone use the term, “play” or “game”. When they kneel, I think that the cameras should be turned off, no air time for these crybabies. I bet that when these guys go to the bank there is an American flag there, do they kneel there? I don’t watch the N.F.L. I don’t watch the N.B.A and I don’t watch M.L.B. anymore. I watch hockey and rugby and everything else is individual sports, like the “X Games” freestyle moto-x and U.F.C. To the N.F.L. ers don’t try to tell me how to think, I’ve got it under control.

  4. May as will let the thugs into Arlington cemetery to dance on the graves! What they are doing is the same thing!

  5. lizzzy321 says:

    According to Forbes, the Protests are having much more of an impact on the NFL than they want you to believe. I made the decision to stop watching football and I’m happy with that decision. I’m also boycotting the NFL sponsors. They have made it political and the NFL is now in the social activism business and that requires my political response. Money seems to be the only thing they listen to, so that’s the only way to respond to big powerful corporations that think they can do whatever they want and you have to accept it. Those who haven’t grasped that they have the power to collectively respond to undue influence, wealth, and position are missing an opportunity. Anything less, is just letting the powerful run right over the average person.

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