CHELSEA (CBS) — When the police show up on your doorstep it can mean trouble, but for one family, it meant that their brave little boy was getting a special visit.

A Chelsea mother reached out to local law enforcement to see if they could pay a visit to help cheer up her son. Two-year-old Edison Cordero has an aggressive brain cancer and wished to meet members of the police.

Edison’s older brother Brandon explained, “He loves police, so the police came and brought him stuff and let him get in the car.”

On Sunday, police cruisers lined Edison’s street.

chelseakid Police Visit Two Year Old Boy With Brain Cancer

Edison Cordero (WBZ-TV)

Frank Cordero, Edison and Brandon’s father, was overwhelmed.

“I would like to thank the Chelsea Police to come by and take their time my son, loves police so much and when he saw police he was so happy.”

brandonedison Police Visit Two Year Old Boy With Brain Cancer

Edison lies in bed covered in new toys from police as Brandon shows stickers (WBZ-TV)

Officers gave Edison several gifts to remind him they are with him, including stickers that Brandon decorated playfully decorated his brother with, and gave the family a moment Edison could smile about.


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