BOSTON (CBS) – After the bombshell sexual allegations were released yesterday, some Republican senators have publicly denounced Republican senatorial candidate Moore and his actions. Senator Mitch McConnell stated that he should, “Step aside for all the obvious reasons.” Should Moore withdraw? Should the Republican Party try to replace him before the mid-December election?

  1. Allen Blaine says:

    The accuser is a Democrat and has worked for the DNC on campaigns for the Democrats. Then there is the fact that the alledged actions took place 40 years ago and Moore has been in numerous state and postions during those years and nothing was ever said until now, 30 days before the election, the DNC and rhinos in congress do not like Moore, that alone is motive enough to coma out with false accusations. Nothing will ever come of this except to attempt to get Moore to step down. This is all a false accusation.

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