By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – Well, well, well, if it isn’t Roy Moore, veteran disbeliever in the principle of separation of church and state, who made his name insisting that the Ten Commandments be displayed in a courthouse despite a court order that they be removed, now facing allegations of improper conduct with young teenage girls.

Moore has always been big on decrying the spread of sin in our culture, but we never quite realized how much authority he brought to the topic.

Flaming hypocrites like Moore are unfortunately not unusual in politics, not to mention entertainment, business, journalism and many other professions.

And because of their ubiquitousness, maybe it’s time we had a fresh list of commandments – secular ones, of course – to help guide them toward the light.

My time is brief so let’s keep it to five commandments, starting with:

* Thou shalt not exploit children or powerless young people, something alleged perps like Moore and Kevin Spacey might struggle to understand.

* Thou shalt not disrespect the dignity and privacy of others – yes, Harvey Weinstein and Louis C.K., this means you.

* Thou shalt not gratuitously insult others, lest you suffer the fate of the sad clowns in Virginia state government who lost their seats this week after taunting women and transgender people.

* Thou shalt not create and peddle technology that is unsafe, got it, opioid manufacturers and Facebook barons? And driverless car pushers, take notice.

* And one more, for the NRA and company – thou shalt not value money and politics over humanity.

Comments (2)
  1. At this point, John the charges are merely allegations.

    I see you’re still jumping on bandwagons.

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