BOSTON (CBS) — For the past 30 years, Margie Richardson and Sandy Tuttle have been a part of the Boston College community.

Their employment has been made possible through a supported employee program (SEP), which helps adults with disabilities succeed in meaningful, independent work.

“I like BC. It’s so busy all the time,” explained Richardson. “It’s a happy place. A happy environment!”

Margie Richardson, a BC Dining Services employee through SEP (WBZ-TV)

Both woman work in the school dining services department. And they stay busy.

Richardson said, “It’s a lot of work.” One of her main responsibilities is wiping down tables.

“Fill napkins. Fill silverware. Trash. Sweeping,” said Tuttle, listing some of her duties.

Sandy Tuffle empties the trash as a part of job (WBZ-TV)

Julie Ferro is a SEP coordinator. “There might be a perception of limitation or deficit. We really try to shift that toward capability and potential,” she said.

Michael O’Brien, the assistant general manager of BC Dining Services was able to give a raving review.

“Never complains. Does a good job. Works hard. Good attitude–great attitude,” he said.

Margie Richardson cleans a table in the BC dining hall she works at (WBZ-TV)

Richardson plans on sticking around for as long as possible. “I’m not going to retire for a long time.”

“I’m proud of all the students,” she said. “I’m proud of myself.”

  1. jabyers24 says:

    I am a professor at BC and regularly go to our dining halls. These ladies are both fantastic women and a valuable part of our community! Thank you for recognizing them with this wonderful piece. Hoorah for Margie and Sandy!