By Paul Burton

LAWRENCE (CBS) – At Lazarus House Ministries in Lawrence volunteers work frantically to stock the food pantry, but as quickly as donations come in they are walking out the door.

One volunteer said they ran out of bread. Much of it has to do with the influx of families from Puerto Rico who lost everything in Hurricane Maria.

lazarus house shelter3 Lawrence Food Pantry Low On Supplies Following Hurricane In Puerto Rico

An empty shelf usually filled with donations (WBZ-TV)

Now hundreds line up every week at the door of Lazarus House for food, shelter and clothing and their request for services has sky rocked.

“They have no clothes because obviously they lost everything,” Lazarus worker Maribel Davila said.

Davila provides a food package for a woman and her family. Davila says the woman lost everything back home and is now living with a family member in Lawrence.

“She really appreciates everything the Lazarus House is doing for her and for her family,” Davila said.

Food Service Coordinator Ken Campbell says a lot of the ministries financial and food donations they depend on are now going to national relief efforts.

“The donation are going elsewhere, certainly deservingly so, but we still have needs here to support our community,” Campbell said.

lazarus house shelter11 Lawrence Food Pantry Low On Supplies Following Hurricane In Puerto Rico

Ken Campbell (WBZ-TV)

Campbell says every aspect of the ministry has been impacted by Hurricane Maria. Here in this food pantry they serve more than 1,100 tons of food a week.

Normally the shelves are full but donations are very low.

“It’s still essential for us to receive the financial support and the support of the food donations,” Campbell said.

While there may be a shortage of food at Lazarus House, Campbell says there’s plenty of love to go around. “I can’t think of a more enjoyable and blessed thing to do,” Campbell said.

If you are interested in donating to Lazarus House Ministries go to website at


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