Experiencing another place, another culture, another way, is exciting, but if you can add another dimension, the dimension of time, to the experience the rewards for your efforts are even greater. There are still places on earth where you can glimpse life as it was thousands of years ago. Luxor is such a place.

As the massive sun starts to drop behind the trees, and the Felucca boats catch the arid evening breeze, the only sounds are muffled conversations from other boats, the warbling of Egyptian music, and the luffing of sails. It is hypnotizing. And as you look across to the far bank or the Nile to see robed Egyptians tending cattle in a lazy evening way, you are suspended in a moment that first occurred before recorded history. You can actually feel it.

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It is this brief moment that I, and so many other travelers, search for.

The boat pilot and his son chatter in muted Arabic, and I say nothing, careful not to let any intrusive thoughts interfere with the total absorption of these once in a lifetime seconds and minutes.

The boat ride may have lasted an hour and a half. Way too short. It was such a moving event that I went back the next day for another go.

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As the boat slides into its overnight resting place, the boatman reverts to the hustler that he is and plays on my American traveler’s guilt for a big tip, which is a bummer. I give him something, but he sulks for more. I do have a bit of guilt because I have splurged and am staying in the Winter Palace, the best hotel in town by far, and he knows it. But, he sure is happy to see me the next day when we go out again.

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The soundtrack is an original by with “Kink Neck Joe” on guitar.

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