Nikko is a caring and curious 6-year-old boy of African American descent. When asked how he would describe himself, Nikko said he is happy and nice. Others would add that Nikko is creative, athletic, and a great friend to his peers. Nikko is very energetic and loves to run around and play. He enjoys different recreational sports and making up games to play on the playground. He has a great imagination and can make a game or whole world out of anything that is around him.

Nikko likes art and he takes great pride in his artwork. Nikko is also interested in bugs and insects and states the Heracross Pokemon is his favorite because it a creature shaped like a beetle. Academically, Nikko is a Kindergarten student who works at grade-level. Nikko reports liking school and enjoying the lessons, his teachers, and his peers in the classroom.

Nikko is legally freed for adoption and can be placed with any type of family, with or without other children. Nikko’s idea of a perfect family is one that is nice, happy, and treats him well. He would also love to have a pet in his new home and a lot of stuffed animals!

For more information you can contact MARE: 617-964-MARE (6273) or visit

Since its inception in 1981, Wednesday’s Child has been a collaboration of the Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE), the Department of Children & Families and WBZ-TV/CBS Boston. Hosted by Jack Williams for the last 34 years, this weekly series has given a face and voice to the children who wait the longest for families. Wednesday’s Child has helped find homes for hundreds of waiting children and continues to raise awareness about adoption from foster care.


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