By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – If you live in Boston, Brockton, Cambridge, Everett, Framingham, Newton, or any one of 67 other cities and towns, Tuesday is a very important day for you.

It’s municipal Election Day, did you know that?

You didn’t?

Don’t be embarrassed, you have plenty of company.

Read: Local Election Information

The secretary of state is predicting less than one-in-four Boston voters will turn out to vote for mayor and city council, and in some other cities and towns turnout might be even more pathetic.

Why should you care about your municipal elections?

Because these are the elected officials who will have the most power over key decisions directly affecting your quality of life – your property taxes, the funding and policy direction of your schools, in some cases whether or not your town will host a pot dispensary. These calls will not be made by the president or your senators or the governor, but by the people on your ballot Tuesday.

In Boston, the polls suggest incumbent Marty Walsh will breeze to a second term over city councilor Tito Jackson, but less likely upsets have happened. If you like Walsh, you can help him win and enhance his clout by voting; if you prefer a change or just like Jackson better, you send a message with your vote that could resonate even if he doesn’t win.

What’s that? You haven’t had time to really consider the candidates or the issues?

Ten minutes online with your favorite local news source will give you the basics.

I know, you’re busy, aren’t we all. But don’t be complaining later about your local political leadership if you can’t be bothered to vote Tuesday. And I assure you, there won’t be long lines at the polls.

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