BOSTON (CBS) — The Red Sox introduced their Twitter followers to new manager Alex Cora with a pair of stylish new photos on Monday. Sporting a suit and sunglasses, Cora was snapped walking down Lansdowne St. toward Fenway Park, looking like a man “on his way” to take charge as the new skipper.

The photos also resulted in some unintentional hilarity.

Despite the straightforward, earnest nature of the Red Sox’ original tweet and photos, this is Twitter we’re talking about. So naturally, many followers snapped back with some clever replies.

Several people noticed that the suit and sunglasses made Cora look strikingly similar to “Mr. Worldwide”, a.k.a. rapper Pitbull.

Some respondents were fans of the sunglasses, though.

Another made a reference to one of the cheesiest lines in movie history:

Others wondered why Cora would be walking to Fenway in the first place instead of being driven there:

One sharp-eyed follower realized Cora would be a perfect fit in the Beastie Boys’ classic “Sabotage” music video:

But the majority of reactions were just excited and welcoming Red Sox fans:

If these tweets are half as good as Cora is as an actual manager, the Red Sox could be in good hands with their new leader.


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