BOSTON (CBS) — A rally in Mattapan on Sunday demonstrated support for the local Haitian community as they wait for the Trump administration to decide if they will be deported.

The Temporary Protected Status (TPS) program that allows about 5,000 Haitian locally, and 58,000 nationwide to remain in the country. Overall, 320,000 people from ten different countries live in the United States because of TPS.

A rally in Mattahan to support Haitian who might lose their temporary protected status (WBZ-TV)

President Donald Trump has until November 6 to extend the status to citizens of Nicaragua and Honduras. The deadline for Haitians is November. 23.

“I’m a student. I’m graduating in about six months. And getting deported would actually stop me from getting my Bachelor’s degree as an accountant so its a whole lot of things we would be deprived of after we’ve worked so hard to accomplish them,” said Marvens Leconte, who was at the rally.

The program was designed for immigrants from countries where natural disasters, war, or other factors make returning unsafe.

Without the extension, those residents would have to leave by January.

The State Department says conditions in their homeland has improved enough for them to return.

Many at the rally said Haiti is still recovering from an earthquake, a hurricane, and a cholera epidemic.

“It won’t be safe for us to send 58,000 people back to Haiti right now with everything that is going on so we want to make our voices heard to say that those people deserve an extension because it will take time for Haiti to rebuild,” explained Geralde Gabeau, a rally organizer.

The Haitian community is hoping for an 18-month delay.

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  1. I have been living in the United States for the past 7 years, I am working on earning a Bachelor degree in Psychology with graduation expectancy on April 2018. If my TPS is to be terminated on January 2018 how is going to be possible for me to complete my program. My parents and I have been paying out of pockets since my first year of college, Am I suppose to just let those efforts I have made so far go to waste? I am troubled and anxious to know what the Trump Administration will do for those young adults like me contributing to the US economy by working full time and still going to college. A lot of us out here have a purpose and they are so ready to take that away from us. What happen to America being the land of opportunity and no one left behind. I am more interested in the next step to actually become a permanent resident.

    Sincerely from a Forth-year University student

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