BOSTON (CBS) — Two dogs brought up from Puerto Rico after surviving hurricane Maria are up for adoption from Pug Rescue of New England and featured on the Pet Parade.

The dogs are about 11 months old, and have a crazy rescue story–they were found in an abandoned building and raised in a bathroom that was set up as a makeshift kennel.

They lived there with four other brothers–one who got sick and died, and three who were adopted.

prone1 Pet Parade: PRoNEs Puerto Rico Rescue Dogs

Two dogs that survived Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. (WBZ-TV)

By mistake, the Humane Society took them to the United States–and they made it just in time, as there’s now an embargo on shipping dogs from Puerto Rico. Because of that, many people leaving Puerto Rico with no place to go are leaving their dogs behind.

These two need a little training, but they’re survivors, and would do well in an active family with kids. Because they’re a bit rowdy together, PRoNE wants them to be adopted separately.

For more information, visit PRoNE’s website,


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