By Bill Shields

HAVERHILL (CBS) – An 11-year old boy saw a tree had fallen onto the train tracks by Bradford Train Station in Haverhill on Monday after the storm and jumped into action.

Jesse DiChiara loves trains and he often goes to the Bradford Train Station after school, just to watch them pass.

After the storm that left many people without power, Jesse went to the tracks, and saw a tree down on the tracks.

“I didn’t want anyone to get hurt on board or anything, it would have been bad,” Jesse says.

kid saves train2 Boys Quick Thinking Saves Commuter Rail Train From Potential Disaster

Bradford Train Station (WBZ-TV)

Jesse hopped on his bike, and rode as fast as he could to his grandfather’s home and told him.

The two of them got in the car, and drove back.

“I thought that if a train hits it that would be pretty bad, it could hurt some passengers on board,” Jesse says.

kid saves train Boys Quick Thinking Saves Commuter Rail Train From Potential Disaster

Jesse DiChiara (WBZ-TV)

That’s when Jesse spotted a Commuter Rail employee.

“He called the MBTA conductor to have him slow down the train so it wouldn’t hit the tree,” Jesse says.

The MBTA employee stopped thrincoming commuter train from hitting the tree, and an already proud grandfather is now busting with pride.

“When he came home to tell me he saw a tree across the track he was really worried about it and I’m thinking that there’s things is place, safeguards in place to take care of this kind of stuff. But I found out afterwards it’s really up to the engineer to see the hazards on the tracks,” Ed DiChiara says.

It’s not as if Jesse saved a train full of people from certain death. But his grandfather believes Jesse’s actions deserve recognition.

“I hope anyone would of done that if they saw that,” Jesse says.


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