FRAMINGHAM (CBS) – Police say a woman who drives special needs students in Framingham was arrested after selling heroin out of a school van.

Rudencia Montes, 43, and Juan Miranda-Ortiz, 33, were arrested at Cushing Memorial Park on Friday morning. Police also arrested Corrine Gentile, 33, who allegedly bought heroin from the pair.

Montes is a driver for the Accept Education Collaborative in Natick.

An officer who was working a detail near the park’s entrance when he saw the school van pull into the parking lot. Another car pulled up, and police say Miranda-Ortiz got out of the van and completed a drug deal with Gentile.

Accept Education Collaborative spokesman Marcia Berkowitz said Montes no longer is employed with the company.

“Although no students were present or involved, the alleged conduct is of great concern to us; the parents of the students who were transported by this driver have been notified,” she said. “The well-being of our students is paramount, and we will continue to take all steps needed to provide them with safe and effective transportation to and from school.”


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