METHUEN (CBS) – Days after a storm that impacted much of the region, residents of a Methuen neighborhood feel stuck as they wait for cleanup.

“We feel trapped,” said one resident of Freeman Drive.

Their private road, which is a quarter-mile long, has been blocked by downed trees and live, electrified power lines since Sunday night.

robi1 Methuen Residents Feel Trapped By Downed Trees Days After Storm

Downed wires impacted residents on a private Methuen street. (WBZ-TV)

No cars can get in or out of the neighborhood. Residents have to walk through the woods to a nearby street to get rides with friends.

“It’s been a pain. As you can we can’t get our cars out. So we basically are stuck down here,” said resident Andrew Munro.

John Freeman runs a local heating oil business and says two of his trucks are stuck behind those trees.

robi2 Methuen Residents Feel Trapped By Downed Trees Days After Storm

Residents maneuver around a massive downed tree in Methuen. (WBZ-TV)

Residents have been afraid to go anywhere near the road because the power lines were live until Wednesday morning when they say a National Grid crew finally showed up to cut the power.

Courtney Downer, who lives in one of the houses, is diabetic. She worries that first responders would not be able to get down the street in an emergency.

According to National Grid’s website, they have been working on the problem since 3 p.m. but no trucks have been seen on the street.


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