BOSTON (CBS) – Are we appalled and outraged by the carnage in Lower Manhattan Tuesday?


But surprised?

If you are, you shouldn’t be.

There have been 1,375 terrorist attacks around the world through the first ten months of this year.

And while most of them have been in the usual hotspots – Turkey, Afghanistan, Somalia, Syria – nine of them have been right here on U.S. soil.

And while we don’t know much yet about the perpetrator of this latest atrocity, we do know about the gunmen in the cases where people died. And what we know should give us pause.

sayfullo habibullaevic saipov Keller @ Large: You Shouldnt Be Surprised By Latest Terror Attack

Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov. (Photo credit: CBS News)

In Denver, it was a white Army veteran who had converted to Islam. Fresno was black-on-white crime. In Kansas City, a white man shot three men he believed were Middle Eastern. In Charlottesville, a white supremacist killed a white woman.

And the animal in Las Vegas was an equal opportunity mass murderer.

What did the killers have in common?

They were American citizens, and full of hate.

nyc Keller @ Large: You Shouldnt Be Surprised By Latest Terror Attack

An investigator takes pictures near a pickup truck following the terrorist attack in Lower Manhattan on October 31, 2017. (Photo credit DON EMMERT/AFP/Getty Images)

So as we learn more about the Manhattan mass murderer, and the politicians start to weigh in, keep this in mind – terror is here to stay, and there are no easy answers to the question – where will it come from next?

Listen to Jon’s commentary:


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