By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – The greed part, I get.

Paul Manafort and his sidekick Rick Gates, says the federal indictment against them, had $75 million parked in offshore accounts. That kind of money can buy a lot of goodies, like the $112,000 audio-video system Manafort had installed in his crib out in the Hamptons, or the $128,000 he dropped in a Beverly Hills clothing store in one day.

And George Papadopolous, the alleged foreign-policy expert who Trump brought into his campaign? He was greedy for fame, according to his plea deal.

He was going to transform US/Russian relations, for better or worse, quite a calling card for a young nobody.

(And who knows? Given the way Putin’s oligarch cronies throw around their rubles, maybe Papadopolous had dollar signs in his eyes as well.)

So, I get all that.

What I don’t get is the sheer stupidity of these alleged and confessed criminals.

Manafort has a bachelor’s and law degree from Georgetown. He was making millions on clients who weren’t trying to undermine America and kill our troops. And yet it wasn’t enough.

Papadopolous had a good education too. But along the way, it seems no one ever told him it’s not a smart idea to lie to the FBI about easily documentable matters.

To paraphrase Dean Wormer from “Animal House,” going through life greedy and stupid is not a good look.

And it’s especially unattractive when it manifests itself in alleged collusion with a hostile foreign power that means us harm.

You almost want to say – it’s not the American Way.

Or, is it?

Comments (2)
  1. Ken Rowland says:

    ‘Summary Judgement’ is the answer to the riddle: “…it’s not the American Way. Or, is it? In truth it is the ‘American Way’. American CAPITALISM is massively successful, for some; a pending nightmare for many, many others. Capitalism reached it’s ‘tipping-point’, inching toward that massive insulating success, or abject-implosive-failure, at the turn of the Century to pick a spot on our topical, domestic Timeline. Bubbles-to-Bust; Bust-to-Bubbles are now as frequent, and turbulent, as froth at the river’s Delta; as Chaotic. Why; How? Taking your lead, Greed and Stupidity! Our Washington, our Capitol, our Legislature is awash in Capital — the Ruble, the Drachma, the Renminbi, et al — WHO, WHAT, WHERE? Congress within its egregious cocoon of bribes, duplicity, and self-servicing; Citizen’s United; Agency malfeasance (DEA/IRS/FCC/FAA); the insulated bureaucratic silos of governmental ‘mechanics’ protecting their desks or whistle-blowing on their neighbor. FOLLOW-THE-MONEY… from and to each of 100 Senators; all 435 House Representatives… connect the dots… erect the velvet-ropes for the pending PERP WALKS. We hope; if the DC swamp is indeed to be drained Scour the ring around the basin; start over with a re-elected body politic, with Term Limits.

  2. No-one as bad as the Clinton terrorist criminals. Love the POS liberal media.

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