SALEM (CBS) — Halloween weekend is in full-swing in Salem.

Locals and tourists filled the Witch City on Saturday night, many sporting creative costumes.

“My name is Pennywise, the dancing clown,” said Brandon Clarke to WBZ-TV. “It’s actually madness and mayhem. It’s like the Halloween spirit in Salem on Halloween time and I love it!”

salem1 Tourists Fill Salem With Halloween Spirit Saturday

A man is dressed as Pennywise the clown in Salem (WBZ-TV)

Many shared Clarke’s excitement.

A notably large police presence was also in attendance.

Two hundred officers patrolled downtown in uniform, even more were dressed in plain clothing.

“I feel safe here. There’s always a heavy police presence from all the counties in this area, so I’m not worried,” said James Hunt, who traveled to Salem from New York.

Dominic McCloud, from Lynn, added, “Police, they’re around. They’re keeping an eye out.”

salemtruck Tourists Fill Salem With Halloween Spirit Saturday

A dump truck blocks off a side street in Salem during Halloween festivities. (WBZ-TV)

Barricades are set up throughout Salem Square and dump trucks are being used to close off side streets.

Prop weapons were also banned from the area.

Police asked for all baseball bats, samurai swords, knives, guns, and other weapons, whether they’re real or fake, to be left at home.

  1. Aw that sounded really fun. Everyone really loved this tradition, especially my cousin who decided to have a Halloween themed destination wedding in Italy. They booked an all-inclusive wedding package from this global wedding marketplace which included an actual medieval castle. The planner really pulled out all the stops in order to create a wedding that is spooktacular with a tinge of romance. Needless to say, we partied all night dressed in our favorite Halloween costume.

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