BOSTON (CBS) — This week on The Hurley Edition, Big Jim Murray from the Felger & Massarotti radio program joins the show.

As the third voice on the highly popular show as well as the co-host of his own show on the weekends and at, sports fans get to hear from Murray seven days a week. But on The Hurley Edition, Murray goes beyond the sports talk to discuss how he got to his current position.

A former host at now-defunct alternative rock station WFNX, Murray recalled his early days in radio.

“I recently started going back through old tapes just to archive it. I mean, depending on the different morning shows I worked on or people I worked with, we got away with murder,” he said. “Like stuff that would immediately get you fired today.”

Murray shared some of his favorite and least favorite memories from rock radio, including the time he accidentally called New Hampshire gun enthusiasts “bleeping hicks” in a recorded advertisement and hid onions in the drop ceiling in an effort to get fired. He also shared fond memories of his former boss.

“The guy that they put in charge is easily, without question, the worst human being I’ve ever worked for,” he recalled.

Murray also happily detailed how he might be the only person to work at WBCN without ever actually working at WBCN … before quitting WBCN.

“Proof of what an idiot I can be,” he said.

Murray also detailed his radio journey, which saw him at the Sports Hub part time before heading to Atlanta to host a sports talk show at night, then going to Connecticut for top 40 radio and finally landing back with the Sports Hub in a full time role on Felger & Mazz.

He talked about how he fits in to the show, his approach to the idea that the show is always negative, his approach to offering sports takes, and what in sports makes him happy.

Listen to the podcast above, or on iTunes, or on Stitcher, or the CBS Boston audio page



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