BOSTON (CBS) — After a rocky 2-2 start to the season, the New England Patriots have seemingly righted the ship. With three straight wins, they’re now sitting at 5-2, atop the AFC East.

Yet with their bye week getting closer, Tom Brady stressed the importance of hitting that midseason break in the right position.

“I think it’s just that bye week is just a chance to reevaluate where you’re at,” Brady said Wednesday at Gillette Stadium. “Knowing that this is the last game before that, you want to finish on a high note, and you want to finish feeling good about what you’ve done.”

As Brady was quick to note, though, earning a win against the Los Angeles Chargers won’t be easy.

“The problem is this team is hot, they’ve won three straight, they’ve got a really good defense,” Brady said of the Chargers. “There’s nothing easy about it. It’s a big challenge facing them. But to get to 6-2 would be huge for this team. That’s what we’re going to try to do.”

As Brady put it, “We’re close to the midway point and that’s when we really gotta hit the accelerator, because that’s what the good teams do.”


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