By Mike LaCrosse, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – A $14,000 solid silver flute is back in the hands of a Boston University student after it was stolen two months ago.

“This was obviously a rare case for us,” said BU Police Officer Brandon Stone.

The instrument was stolen from a classroom at the College of Fine Arts on Commonwealth Ave at the end of August. BU Police Officers used security footage from the building, area businesses and the MBTA to get a description of the suspect.

flute2 Police Recover $14,000 Flute Stolen From College Student

Flute stolen from Boston University student (WBZ-TV)

Officers also checked pawn shops and a law enforcement database to try and find the flute and suspect. After two months they finally got a hit on the suspect.

“It was difficult to try to find cause it’s not as easy, I think people think to get rid of an instrument of that stature,” said Stone.

Police aren’t releasing the suspect’s name until he appears in court Friday on larceny and trespass charges.

The instrument was made at Arista Flutes in Bedford.

flutecop Police Recover $14,000 Flute Stolen From College Student

BU Police Officer Brandon Stone (WBZ-TV)

“An instrument for them is their baby,” said Juan Arista.

Flute maker Juan Arista has known the victim for about seven years.

“She was very happy, mostly a lot of relief. That tension, that nervousness, all gone,” said Arista.

The recovered flute will now have to go through a weeklong inspection to make sure it’s still in top condition.


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