By Dan Rea

BOSTON (CBS) – Over the weekend, a seven year old boy in Lowell was tragically mauled and killed by two pit bulls. The sad story has reignited a long running debate over whether pit bulls are a more aggressive breed of dog, or simply victims of circumstance that are more likely to be owned by people who train them to be aggressive. Massachusetts State Representative Jack Lewis joins Dan in the NightSide studio to talk about the issue and whether insurance companies should be allowed to treat dogs differently based on breed. Do you think that some dog breeds are more aggressive than others? Should extra cost or regulations come with owning a pit bull?

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  2. Harve Morgan says:

    Why is this even being debated? You would have to be blind to not see what is happening. Believe or not, there was actually a time when a fatality by a dog was rare, but not now. The proliferation of pits because of the movement of No Kill is killing people. We can’t and should not save them all because the cost is too high with a person being killed by the breed on average every 2 weeks. We’re not talking bites when we talk of pit bulls. We talk deaths, closed caskets, LifeFlights, toe tags. It’s there, just open those eyes and see it. We don’t need to be asking whether it is a problem, we need to be asking how do we solve it. The bloodsport that pits were created for, designed specifically and selectively for, is now illegal. Many breeds are extinct and we don’t miss them. Let the breed go extinct, I guarantee you we won’t miss it.

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