MILFORD (CBS) — A man living in Milford has been accused of killing multiple kittens from a farm in town.

Police went to Ferrucci Farm midday on Sunday after an unwanted person was reported.

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Members of the Ferrucci family told police that Miguel Medina was staying in the Ferrucci’s camper on the farm. He had begun stealing from and threatening the family.

According to a police report, Medina stated, “I knew you guys were coming,” when police arrived at the camper. After a discussion with police, Medina left the farm.

After he was gone, two people still on the farm explained to police that they believe Medina was killing kittens while he stayed there.

Miguel Medina (Photo Courtesy: Milford Police)

One woman had text messages from Medina saying he had killed two kittens.

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Another man said he was taken to the camper by Medina and shown the bodies of multiple cats.

“I had other kittens but one bit my favorite kitten, so I threw that kitten against the wall and then I put it under a table,” Medina told the man, according to police.

Medina admitted to burning one kitten and “killing a couple a week for fun when he was bored,” said police.

Officers found Medina walking on Central Street in Milford and arrested him.

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Medina was charged with two counts killing/maiming an animal and one count of animal cruelty.