By Bill Shields

YARMOUTH (CBS) – A Cape Cod couple says their dog alerted them to an intruder in their home.

Pepper, a Wheaten Terrier, began barking very early Tuesday morning. Pat Mulkeen, 93, says the dog rarely makes noise so she got up to investigate.

“And I walked into the living room and then into the dining room and standing there was a man,” Pat Mulkeen said.

“I was surprisingly not really afraid, but I hollered at my husband to call the police and the man said ‘I’m sorry ma’am’ and he turned around and he walked out of the dining room.”

Pat’s husband Jack called police, and moments later, officers found 28-year-old Joe Parent on the street. When police asked Parent where he was walking from, he said he was coming from church.

Police say Parent recently spent 59 days in jail for Breaking and Entering.

Pat and Jack say if it wasn’t for Pepper, there is no telling what the suspect might have made off with.

Jack says his wife has a history of staring down bad guys like the time they were swimming and a man pulled a gun on them. “Pointing the gun at me, and she attacked him,” Jack said.

The Mulkeens say they will now be locking their doors at night.


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