By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – I hope things were relatively peaceful at Monday night’s fall Town Meeting in Groton, where controversy has erupted over the town’s decision – ratified by the voters at last spring’s Town Meeting – to install small stone markers around town with the inscription: “Town of Groton: All Are Welcome.”

I know, I should have warned those of you with sensitive stomachs before foisting that atrocity on you.

But never fear, heading into Monday night, the self-appointed watchdogs of right-wing political correctness were on the case in Groton.

It’s the word “all” they find troublesome.

That might “include Groton as a sanctuary city,” one resident told the Globe. “We do not want someone to read this and think this town has a political agenda.”

Facebook commenters were a bit more blunt, claiming the markers are welcoming a “criminal element,” such as “pedophiles” and “terrorists.”

It would be easy to just send these folks on their way with some mild ridicule, but I think it’s worth imagining what their mindset means in a bigger picture.

Perhaps we need to qualify the old Irish saying, Cead Mile Failte, a hundred thousand welcomes, by adding b’fheidir (Bay-did), which means “maybe.”

We’re going to have to get rid of all those pineapples, a symbol of hospitality since the founding of America, from the gates, doors and signs they adorn.

Wouldn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea.

If they can manage to have a welcome sign in English and Arabic at the Israeli-Egyptian border, surely we can manage to endure the implications of an “all are welcome” sign in Groton.

Unless, that is, we’ve completely turned into a nation of knee-jerk snowflakes.

Comments (3)
  1. Inasmuch, Jon, that the US Constitution grants the federal government the right to set reasonable rules governing immigration, it would appear to me that it is you that is being a snowflake.

    Indeed, our Congress HAS established reasonable laws regarding that subject, and those laws have been in place for far longer than you have be offering political commentary.

    Do you have a problem with the laws of our nation? Do you have a problem with people expecting that those laws be followed by the residents of our communities? Do you have a problem with people who expect that those laws be enforced?

    Or are you one of those for whom the laws of our land are to be enforced only when it is convenient to you?

  2. Keller – Horrible reporting! Actually – Fake news! ^ ^ ^ You totally missed the boat on this one. The public was not given equal preparation presentation time through an open forum at the Spring Town Meeting 2017 when the All are Welcome article was presented. There was collusion amongst the Board. That’s why a citizen’s petition was filed and this was brought back into motion. The lawbreakers here are the Groton Board of Selectmen. Open meeting laws – BROKEN. You can all have that “I feel good – I have minority friends now” mentality, but what matters is that Groton residents were finally presented with the truth at last night’s meeting. Typical liberal snowflakes overlooked facts related to the broken laws only to help them in support of their resistance to the current Presidential administration. You don’t even understand who the snowflakes (or the jerks) really are! Get your facts straight. Fake News ^ ^ ^

  3. Jack Saball says:

    Dear Mr Keller,

    As proponents of Article 1 at the Fall town meeting in Groton, we had one objective. That was to keep our public signage politically neutral, and to do so with public discussion.

    It was nice gesture that Selectman Petropolous acknowledged that he was naive for not thinking that his All Are Welcome message might be perceived as a political response to a Sanctuary city debate.

    This was a bit disingenuous however, in view of the fact that his stone markers article was conjured after the Selectmen sponsored Sanctuary City article was pulled. That was the article, which aimed to stop the Groton Police from enforcing laws of Illegal immigration, was pulled because it was deemed too political.

    As I stated during MY presentation at the town meeting:

    We come to this meeting… as neighbors, with an opportunity to hear- or be heard on- the merits of the article that I just read. We will leave this meeting with the issue decided, and we will still be neighbors. There will be no celebration of winning, or feelings of rejection for defeat. But instead, there will be a feeling of accomplishment that this issue which frankly has caused anxiety and division, has finally been properly debated-and-decided. And the town we know as Groton will continue to be the welcoming community it always has been.

    Jack Saball

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